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Benefits of products

  • OGP 3D manual optical measuring systems
  • Parallel to the digital profile projector
  • Most suitable for individual measurement
  • Stands out for its affordable price and automated 3D measuring

Product description

The Starlite system is a manual semiautomated contactless tabletop solution for simple metrology tasks suitable for practically any manufacturer. This easy-to-operate machine uses optical measurement technology with automatic built-in edge detection to guarantee accurate measurements and high repeatability.

Technical specifications

Measurement Capacity X (mm) 150-300
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 75-300
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 125-150
XY Accuracy (µm) až 3,5 + 4L/1000
Z Accuracy (µm) až 7 + 8L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.

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