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Benefits of products

  • Quick quality control without placing reference stickers
  • Large scan volume without having to move cameras
  • Capture 3D pointclouds for reverse engineering
  • Scans directly against a CAD model
  • Robust design using carbon fibers for maximum resistance

Product description

METRONOR TRACKSCAN is a portable measuring system that works based on taking measurements with a hand scanner and one or two cameras. It is popular for its intuitive controls and quick setup. 

The camera follows active points on the hand scanner and tracks the position and orientation of the scanner. This ensures that all scanned data is captured in the same coordinate grid without having to place reference stickers or otherwise prepare the part for measuring.

Technical specifications

Measurement Capacity 2,5-10 m
3D Measurement accuracy* ± 0,04 mm
Measuring specific dimensions (perpendicularity, flatness, concentricity) ± 0,04 mm

*for any distance of two points in the working space of L dimension (m)

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