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Benefits of products

  • High accuracy
  • Wireless connection
  • Mobility
  • Position measurements with fast displacements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Low price

Product description

The HPI-3D interferometer from LASERTEX is the most accurate measuring device available and is most often used to calibrate measuring equipment and machine tools or for ordinary length measurements. This machine can measure long distances (in the double digits of meters) or extremely short distances (in the hundreds of picometers), detect extremely fast or extremely slow movements, monitor vibrations, measure angles, compare distances, and test straightness, flatness, right angles and many other parameters. The laser is suitable for use in scientific laboratories, machining halls and outside areas. Its compact size means you can carry it with you in a handheld case.

Technical specifications

Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Distance 0-30 (50) m 0,0001 µm 0,41 µ/m air
0,9 µm/m steel
Speeds 0-7 m/s 0,01 µm/s ±0,01 %
Angle measurement 0-360° 0,004 arcsec ±1 arcsec
(diagonal and grid method)
axes 0-15 m
flatness ±3 mm
0,01 µm ±1 % of the value measured
±0,03 M2 µm
(with Wollaston)
0,1-3 m
0,8-10 m
0,01 µm
0,1 µm
±(1 % + 0,5 0,2 M2) µm
(with Wollaston)
±1000 arcsec 0,01µm/m ±(1  % + 2,5 + M) µm/m

*Accuracy depends on environmental conditions.

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