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M-Scan 120

M-Scan 120

Benefits of device

  • Handheld and portable 3D scanning system
  • Quick quality control without placing reference stickers
  • Wide range of applications
  • Large measurement volume
  • Additionally can be used with touch probe
  • Scans directly against a CAD model


Metronor M-Scan 120 is a complete, handheld 3D metrology solution that combines blue-line laser scanning with electrooptical navigation technology, operating completely free of stickers. M-Scan 120 can quickly capture high-accuracy 3D information in any environment. Its real-time tracking technology is stickerfree, even when measuring large volumes, making it easy to use and very fast to set up. This introduces improved efficiency to the traditional 3D scanning methods.

The base system is comprised of two cameras for continuous tracking, a handheld 3D scanner and a laptop with preinstalled software. To measure features, our handheld probe, Lightpen, can also be included, allowing the measurement of hidden areas and coordinate system alignment.

All components are delivered in portable cases, making M-Scan 120 a mobile system that can perform in any location. The product modularity, a key feature in all Metronor systems, makes upgrading a simple process

System applications

  • Prototyping
  • Tool and die inspection
  • Tube & pipe measurement
  • In-process inspection
  • On-machine inspection
  • As-built documentation
  • Reverse engineering

Technical specifications

M-Scan 120
Points per Stripe Up to 2000
Stripe Width Up to 120 mm
Measurement Depth Up to 100 mm
Accuracy of scanning ± (0,035 + L/70000)  mm
Accuracy with a pen*  ± (0,020 + L/70000)  mm
Measuring Laser Blue laser, Wavelength 450nm

*L is measured length in mm.

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