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Custom Measurement

You don't have your own measuring device or lack capacity? Do you need accurate and reliable measurement of small or large parts? Our modern measuring center in Prague is ready to meet all your requirements!
  • Wide Range of Measurements: We offer custom measurements for individual and serial measurements of parts, both small and large.
  • Output Protocol: Each measurement includes a detailed protocol that provides an overview of the results also in graphic form.
  • Modern Technology: Our centre is equipped with 3D optical measuring system, 3D scanners, a 3D touch measuring system and a laser interferometer with different measuring ranges.
  • Measurement of Large Objects: Thanks to the portable measuring system, we are able to measure or scan large parts also directly at your place.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: This service is ideal for customers who do not have their own measuring equipment or need quick and accurate measurements.

Our services are popular and sought after. Rely on our expertise and let us carry out precise measurements of your parts.


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