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Accredited calibration

As a renowned, accredited calibration laboratory we offer accredited calibration specializing in length for optical measurement devices from a number of brands (Micro-Vu, OGP, and more).

We are active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

We secure complete maintenance and calibration services for several hundred Micro-Vu machines (especially for VERTEX, EXCEL, SOL models, but indeed also for older models of this brand) and we have the most experience in this area. Measuring software for MICRO-VU machines is available in Czech and free to download at the official MICRO-VU website (download software). If you are in doubt as to whether the current software version is installed on your device, please contact us.

We provide the same level of service and accredited calibration for measuring devices by OGP and other brands.

We have been performing calibration at the highest professional level with cutting-edge technology for decades. We contact customers to remind them when it is time for regular calibration and maintenance. We can calibrate several machines on the same visit, keeping your costs to a minimum.

You can sign a service-level agreement with us to secure better conditions for maintenance and calibration.


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