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What are you measuring?

You know the parts you make better than anyone. Choose the category that best describes your production and find the ideal measuring instrument that suits your needs.

Machined Parts

Cut, CNC, milled, or turned parts made from a variety of materials

Molded Parts

Compression, injection, and other molded parts of different materials

Cast - Forged Parts

Die, investment, plaster, and sand cast parts / Most major automobile components

Additive Manufacturing

Also known as 3D printing, parts created by deposited materials layered in precise geometric shapes

Stamped Parts

Shaped parts crafted using a machine press or stamping press, by blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, or coining

Extruded Parts

Metals, polymers, ceramics, and other materials pushed through dies

Machines and Big Parts

Automotive, CNC machines, piping, energy generation, casting and forging