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In 2018 DEOM began representing the Spanish INNOVALIA METROLOGY in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. INNOVALIA METROLOGY makes a wide range of coordinate measuring machines that can be combined with a laser scanner. The company has been working in automatization and robotization for more than 30 years. INNOVALIA machines can measure by touch or scanning quickly and effectively.

Benefits of INNOVALIA products

  • Touch and laser scanner measurement
  • High-precision 3D measurement
  • Scanning without surface treatment
  • Can handle all types of materials (even white, black or reflective surfaces)
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement as well as for reverse engineering
  • Ideal for the laboratory or production
  • Easy to operate using icons (no need to enter complicated codes)
  • User interface available in Czech
  • Same software for all sensors (controlled from the same interface)

Innovalia coordinate measuring machines work with PH10M, PH10Q, PHS1 motorized heads. The advantage of these machines is also the possibility to control all types of sensors from one program and their combination within the measuring sequence.

Touch probe

  • TP20 and TP200 probes
  • Intuitive graphical interface for creating your own probes
  • Option to automatically generate contact points

Touch scanning probe

  • SP25M scanning probe
  • Adjustable point density
  • Option to automatically generate touch scanning trajectory

Laser scanning probe

  • Fast, accurate imaging
  • Adjustable point density
  • Scans glossy surfaces

Other accessories

Set of fixtures – to keep parts in place