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OGP SmartScope CNC 500

OGP SmartScope CNC 500

Benefits of device

  • 3D measuring system 
  • Measurement range XY 500 x 450 mm, Z axis Z 300 mm
  • Accuracy XY is 2,5 + 5L/1000 µm, Z axis  3 + 8L/1000 µm
  • Available for demonstration and deliver


SmartScope Flash can be configured as an economical yet capable multisensor metrology system, with numerous combinations of touch probesscanning probesmicro-probes, and lasers. ZONE3® 3D CAD-based metrology software makes every Flash model a powerful video measuring system.

SmartScope Flash systems feature an ideal price-to-performance ratio and are extremely popular, with thousands in service worldwide. SmartScope Flash systems are the best choice in automatic general-purpose, coordinate measuring with multisensor dimensional measurement.