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SmartScope E Series

SmartScope E Series

Benefits of device

  • 3D Multisensor measuring system
  • Easy to use software
  • Sturdy, stable construction
  • Measuring system at an affordable price


The SmartScope E Series measuring system is equipped with an innovative IntelliCentric™ optical system providing a sharp, high-resolution image even at low magnification. In combination with digital magnification, the system is able to measure with great accuracy even without moving the table. The device works with bottom, axis and programmable ring lighting to capture different types of surfaces from all angles.

The SmartScope E can be equipped with a TP20 and TP200 touch probe and a rotary axis, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Measure-X measurement software offers a wide range of programmable measurement, including different types of evaluation, in a user-friendly environment. The program can be supplemented with other tools, such as image processing, automatic focusing, automatic data sending, contour evaluation or addition of ANSI/ISO tolerances, thus creating a fully functional software meeting various requirements.

The device is produced with a range of 250 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm with the possibility of extending the X axis to 300 mm.

Probes and Accessories

System applications

  • Engineering - Measuring machined parts, cast-forged parts, welded parts and extruded parts of different shapes and sizes.
  • Automotive industry - OGP multi-sensor measurement systems offer the CAD integration, throughput and shop floor reliability to enable rapid innovation year after year.
  • Plastics - It’s a real challenge to effectively manage quality control in plastics manufacturing. Automated, non-contact video-based measuring systems from OGP allows for reliable, fast and effective measurement.
  • EnergyOne area of renewable energy that is seeing tremendous growth is Solar. The manufacturing of solar panels requires extremely precise measurements.
  • Aerospace, chemical industry, innovation and development...

Technical specifications

SmartScope  E7 E45
Machine Range XYZ [mm] 250(300)x150 500x450(610)
Machine Range Z [mm] 200 200(300)
Accuracy XY [µm] 2,2+5L/1000 2,8+5L/1000
Accuracy Z (optical measurement) [µm] 3,8+5L/1000 (2,8+4L/1000)1 3,8+5L/1000 (2,8+4L/1000)1
Sensor resolution [µm] 0,1 0,1
Weight (approximate) [kg] 165 960
Load capacity [kg] 25 65
Optional touch sensors TP20/200 TP20/200

*L is the measured length in millimeters Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environment conditions. 

1Accuracy of Z axis when using 2.0x lens.


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