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DEOM represents the US-based OGP in sales, maintenance and training for measuring equipment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. OGP manufactures a wide range of multisensor measurement machines and has been in the optical measurement industry for nearly 80 years. They are the oldest manufacturer of optical measurement devices in the world.

Benefits of OGP products

  • High-precision optical 3D and 2D measurement
  • Can handle all types of materials (white, black and glossy surfaces)
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement
  • Works well in the laboratory or production line
  • Can be expanded to include other sensors (scan touch, touch, laser, rotation)
  • Easy to operate using icons (no need to enter complicated codes)
  • User interface available in Czech
  • Can extend software to work with a 3D model

Touch probe

  • Tray for 2-6 probes
  • Combined optical, scan and touch measurement in the same application
  • Touch and optical control using the same software
  • We offer multiple probe ty
    • SP25 – scanning probe for continuous scanning of the part
    • TP20/200 – standard touch probe
    • Microprobe – small diameter and low trigger force (approx. 0.1 g)

Laser probe

  • Fast imaging of points on Z axis
  • Adjustable point density
  • Laser and optical control using the same software
  • We offer multiple probe types:
    • TTL – laser with a long working distance (60 mm), lower accuracy (6 µm), lens axis
    • DRS – laser with a short working distance (25 mm), high accuracy (1 µm), placed next to the camera
    • Telestar – laser with interferometric measuring, long working distance and high accuracy
    • Rainbow – laser with a short working distance (10 mm), high accuracy (0.05 µm), also suitable for measuring roughness, placed next to the camera

Rotary indexer

Positioning and accurately measuring parts, rotating the coordinate system

  • Measuring geometric deviations and runout
  • Vertical and horizontal axis
  • Clamping on chuck or threaded plate
  • Optional dual rotary axis
  • We offer multiple probe types:
    • MSR – axis for positioning part
    • MTR – axis for measuring runout (4th axis)
    • HPR – axis with high rotation accuracy (4th axis)
    • DUAL – two rotary axes (4th and 5th axis)


Advanced control and evaluation software for working with OGP measuring systems. Software with a modern interface and wide range of implemented functions, including working with a 3D CAD model and with the possibility of operator view, where users with only minimal training can securely launch and run programs.

  • Manage all types of sensors in the same software program
  • Automatically generated scanning trajectory to make it easier to create a measuring program
  • Program optimization based on position on the machine, scan sensor and zoom
  • ISO and ASME evaluation
  • Evaluation of advanced elements – screw threads, gears, roughness
  • Advanced work with variables
  • Supports all standard CAD model format including PMI


Express – contains all characteristics, commonly used scanning tools, basic geometric tolerances, and 2D model support

Prime – contains all Express properties as well as advanced scanning tools, advanced geometric tolerances,conditions and cycles, 3D models, and customizing protocol headers

Pro – contains all Express and Prime properties as well as screw thread and gear assessment, PMI (model which carries data about dimensional geometrickal tolerances) support, semiautomatic creation of programs using 3D models

Offline – version for creating programs without a measurement machine Contains all Pro functions

ZONE3 is standard on FUSIONFlexPointSmartScope Flash & CNCSmartScope VantageSmartscope SPSmartscope ZIPLazer a volitelně u přístrojů SNAP.