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LMS-5 (Lathe Measuring)

LMS-5 (Lathe Measuring)

Benefits of device

  • Quick measuring of characteristics on lathe machines
  • Simple instalation and adjustement
  • System provides various types of measurements 
  • Easy to use software
  • Light and compact system


LMS-5 is a device for measuring characteristics on a lathe machines. It is based on the principle of laser beam position detection. The LMS-5 measuring system is developed for various types of measurements, from measuring axial displacement and axis position to measuring perpendicularity. The system is very simple, so it can be controlled by less experienced operators. It uses intuitive but at the same time highly functional software. The results are displayed on a computer as well as on the detector and can be used for calibration or just a quick check.

Additionally, you can buy base which allows measuring perpendicularity on CNC machines.

Probes and Accessories


  • Laser Head LMS-5L
  • Optical detector LMS-5D
  • Base for LMS-5

System applications

  • Position of the axis of rotation of the spindle against the tool
  • Position of the tool against the spindle
  • Straightness of movement of the tool perpendicular to the spindle axis
  • Straightness of movement of the tool parallel to the spindle axis
  • Squareness of the axes of the movement of the tool
  • Measurement of spindle beat (runout)
  • Position of tail stock against the spindle axis
  • Straightness of movement of the tail stock
  • Measurement of tail stock beat

Technical specifications

Measurement accuracy < 5 µm 
Measurement range ± 2 mm
Laser head dimensions 130 mm x 115 mm
Ambient temperature range 0-40 °C
Battery operation time > 12 hours

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