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Wally rotary encoder

Wally rotary encoder

Benefits of device

  • Automatic work – after setting just push START button to begin measurement, everything is done automatically
  • Highest accuracy & precision – 1 arc-second precision with 0,5 arc second repeatability
  • Fast & easy beam alignment – easy to use and intuitive software helps with fast and effective set up of equipment
  • Wireless operation – Wally communicates with PC via Bluetooth, high capacity build-in battery allows for 30 hours work
  • Module mountings – special mountings are designed to fit every kind of machine tool


Wally rotary encoder is a wireless system for accurate measurement of the positioning of rotary axes. It is the most accurate device for measuring rotary axes with an accuracy of 1 angular second. Adjusting the system is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Wally offers a new possibility for measurements and calibration of angular positioning with high repeatability.

Wally is offered as an upgrade for laser system HPI-3D. The system lasts up to 30 hours thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Technical specifications

Accuracy  1 arcsec
Repeatability 0,5 arcsec
Resolution 0,01 arcsec
Measurement range without limit
Maximum turning speed 30 U/min
Operation temperature range 10°C-35°C
Triggering and control Wireless link, 2,4 GHz
Case weight 7,2 kg
System weight 2,6 kg

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