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Benefits of products

  • Granite construction in all axes
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement
  • Measurement with high speed and accuracy
  • Option to add laser scanner
  • Automatic trajectory optimization

Product description

This 3D touch bridge-type measurement system is available in different sizes to meet any customer’s needs. Its construction is simple but sturdy and makes use of the latest manufacturing technologies. The machine is made of black granite to ensure high stability for dimensions and precision in movements. The Spark is ideal for high-precision measurements, scanning and digitalization tasks, making it an excellent choice for machining, molding and stamping.

Technical specifications

X Measurement Capacity (mm) 600 – 4000
Y Measurement Capacity (mm) 500 – 2000
Z Measurement Capacity (mm) 600 – 1500
Accuracy (µm)* 1,5 + 2,2L/1000

*L is the length measured in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and the conditions in the environment.

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