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Benefits of device

  • 3D optical scanner for measuring shafts and other cylindrical parts
  • Fast and automatic measurements
  • Clear, highly accurate images
  • Granite base to achieve stable measurements
  • Measuring parts up to diameter of 175 mm, up to 1000 mm long
  • Evaluation of GD&T and threads


TurnCheck™ systems offer a fast, easy way to measure shaft, cylinders, and other turned, ground or extruded parts. Designed to be placed on the shop floor with machine tools, TurnCheck systems provide improved process control through immediate feedback. A part can be placed and measured in seconds! The optics are designed to produce distortion-free images that are truly telecentric. The LED illumination is carefully aligned to the optics providing highly collimated light for nearly perfect back lighting of the work piece producing a crisp and clear image of the entire part. All members of the TurnCheck family are precision optical measuring systems built with reliable and rugged materials for thermally stable accurate measurements on the shop floor. Series-10 floor model systems come with a built-in light curtain to safeguard the operator during automatic part measurement.

Technical specifications

TurnCheck Series - 6 Series - 10 Series - 14
Maximum part size [mm] D60 x 300 D100 x 400 (600, 800) D135 x 1000
Maximum diameter [mm] 170 175 175
Accuracy D [µm] 1,8+L/100 1,8+L/100 1,8+L/100
Accuracy L [µm] 3,5+L/150 3,5+L/150 3,5+L/150
Rated spindle load [kg] 20 80 -
Thread profile measuring optional +- 15° - -

*D and L are measured diameter and length in mm

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