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Benefits of products

  • 2D tabletop automated OGP measuring machine
  • Automatically detects a placed part
  • Instant measurement and evaluation
  • Suitable for very fast workshop inspection
  • Place-press-compare

Product description

SNAP measurement systems are designed for measuring small and complex parts in the manufacturing process. All SNAP systems are easy to use and have automatic parts identification and AutoCorrelate function. SNAP is available in three different configurations to meet as many different measurement needs as possible.

Technical specifications

Measurement Capacity X (mm) 60-610
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 45-450
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 75-150
Field of view (mm) 100
XY Accuracy (µm) až 5 + 8L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.

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