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Benefits of device

  • 2D Optical measuring system with large field of view 100 mm
  • Automatically detects a placed part
  • Instant measurement and evaluation
  • Suitable for very fast workshop inspection
  • Uses intuitive software SNAP-X


SNAP™ Large FOV Video Measurement Systems are compact measuring systems that integrate perfectly from the shop floor, to the lab, or as part of an automated work cell. Rugged construction and an open work envelope make SNAP easy to implement in virtually any manufacturing setting.

All SNAP systems feature large field of view optics, high resolution cameras, and lighting custom-designed to optimize the image, creating a complete optical system. Camera, optics, lighting, and platform are matched and tuned for optimum performance.

SNAP-X software provides users with a simple, powerful interface for instant 2D measurement, virtual chart gaging, and profile analysis. Optional ZONE3 software combines Parallel Processing with intelligent routine Optimization resulting in faster programming and run times by measuring as many features as can be seen simultaneously.

Probes and Accessories

Technical specifications

SNAP 100 200 300 350
LFOV Field of view [mm] 62 x 46 D 100 D 100 D 100
HFOV Field of view [mm] 32 x 32 32 x 32 (13 x 13) 32 x 32 (13 x 13)
Working Distance [mm] 150 150 150 150
XY Measurement Capacity [mm] 62 x 46 250 x 100 250 x 100 450 (610) x 450
XY Machine Range [mm] x 150 150 x 50 380 (510) x 380
Z Machine Range [mm] 75 75 75 150
XY Accuracy [µm] 4+L/50 7+L/50 7+L/50 (7,5) + 8L/1000
HFOV Accuracy [µm] 2+L/50 2+L/50 (1+L/50)

2+L/50 (1+L/50)

Z Accuracy [µm] 25 + 6L/1000 (12,5 + 6L/1000)

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.



SNAP-X Measurement Software provides the user with a simple, powerful interface with a full range of feature measurements with or without a pre-programmed routine. SNAP-X software has three functions to allow for a range of different uses.

Measure  Simply place the part on the stage, and start measuring with one click. SNAP-X software scans the image and Feature Extracts all discernible features. The results can be viewed with no further action, or the features can be turned into measured steps for a program.

Analyze  Gives users the ability to address more complex GD&T requirements such as profile or true position. The display and reporting capabilities provide both graphical, color coded whiskers of deviation, and GD&T callouts on the part CAD.   

Porovnání  Compare the live video image to the CAD overlay as with an optical comparator, but with much greater resolution. Color coded tolerance bands help to identify if a part is within tolerance.



Advanced control and evaluation software for working with OGP measuring systems. Software with a modern interface and wide range of implemented functions, including working with a 3D CAD model and with the possibility of operator view, where users with only minimal training can securely launch and run programs.

  • Manage all types of sensors in the same software program
  • Automatically generated scanning trajectory to make it easier to create a measuring program
  • Program optimization based on position, scan sensor and zoom
  • ISO and ASME evaluation
  • Evaluation of advanced elements – screw threads, gears, roughness
  • Advanced work with variables
  • Supports all standard CAD model format including PMI



Express – contains all characteristics, commonly used scanning tools, basic geometric tolerances, and 2D model support

Prime – contains all Express properties as well as advanced scanning tools, advanced geometric tolerances,conditions and cycles, 3D models, and customizing protocol headers

Pro – contains all Express and Prime properties as well as screw thread and gear assessment, PMI (model which carries data about dimensional geometrical tolerances) support, semiautomatic creation of programs using 3D models

Offline – version for creating programs without a measurement machine Contains all Pro functions

ZONE3 is standard on FUSIONFlexPointSmartScope Flash & CNCSmartScope VantageSmartscope SPSmartscope ZIPLazer and available on SNAP.

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