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Benefits of products

  • 3D measuring device with a large field of view
  • Automatically detects shapes and dimensions
  • Instant measurement and evaluation
  • Option to add sensors
  • SP25 tilting probe in the camera axis

Product description

OGP Fusion is an innovative, multisensor measuring device that combines a cutting-edge optical system with a large field of view (LFOV) with a precise moving metered surface. Optics can be combined with a laser sensor and touch scan probe to create a unique, high-end and highly productive metrology system.

Fusion’s large field optics allow you to image a wide area with high accuracy, while the exclusive (unique, premium) ZONE3 function for automatic shape extraction can instantly process and identify all geometric elements and dimensions with no need for a pre-programmed measurement routine. The automatic part recognition function – AutoID – launches a saved program for a part or parts placed anywhere on the measuring stage and measures them automatically.

Technical specifications

FUSION 400 600
XY LFOV Measurement Capacity [mm] 400 x 300 590 x 550
XY HFOV Measurement Capacity (machine reach) [mm] 350 x 250 540 x 500
Measurement Capacity Z [mm] 250 300
XY Accuracy [µm] 1,8+4L/1000 1,8+4L/1000
Accuracy Z (optical measurement) [µm] 3,5+4L/1000 3,5+4L/1000
Accuracy Z (touch, laser) [µm] 3,5+4L/1000 2,0+5L/1000
Sensor resolution [µm] 0,1 (0,05) 0,1 (0,05)
Field of view diagonal [mm] 100 + 20 100 + 20
Width x depth incl. crossover [mm] 1280 x 1435 1370 x 2490
Height [mm] 2400 2380
Weight (approximate) [kg] 2100 4910
Load capacity [kg] 30 100
Optional touch sensors TP20/200, SP25, FP
Optional laser sensors Rainbow, Telestar TTL

*L is the measured length in millimeters Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environment conditions. 

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